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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 26, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning to you. it's sunday, march 26th. i am in for carolyn tyler. let's look at the weather with meteorologist, lisa argen. >> we are starting off with cloudy skies. this is what we have to look forward to today. a little more green and a little more rain. it's a system to the north, a weak one, though. as we widen out the satellite and radar perfective, most of the activity is in the northwest. it's a one on the impact scale, and we are talking about 0.1 an inch for most of you. 48 in sunnyvale right now, and
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we're talking about a dry start to the day. we have the marathon. lots of clouds throughout our noon hour and the rain begins in the north bay by 2:00. we will talk about it spreading south and east and time it out for you in just a few minutes. >> thank you very much. we have breaking news out of ohio this morning. cincinnati police say a shooter open fire inside a nightclub injur injuring 15 people and killing one, and it happened 10:00 our time last night. the motive for the shooting is not known at this time and many young people go to that club on saturday nights. >> saturdy night, it's a very young cloud. we have had incidents in the past but this is the worst by far, just a lot of chaos, when the shots went off people trying to get out of the way, get out of harm's way. >> of those injured one in critical condition and three in serious condition and others in stable condition. police are interviewing witnesses. they say there are no
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indications the shoot something related to terrorism. officers do not have any suspects at this time. nancy pelosi, and jackie speier met with their constituents, but it was not positive. many people were happy about the vote to repeal obamacare, and many are demanding more protection and options. >> there's no privilege greater than representing the san francisco bay area in the congress of the united states. >> house democratic leader, nancy pelosi, and jackie speier spent nearly three hours with constituents during a town hall meeting. >> we are very pleased to have a victory for the american people yesterday. >> they are referring to the surviving of the affordable care act. paul ryan pulled a reform proposal off the floor before a
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vote to be taken. in contrast, seven years ago it was then speaker of the house pelosi who helped pass the bill. >> she made sure the affordable air act was passed, and you know what is different between she and paul ryan, she can count. >> and the constituents started to ask questions. >> there's only one way we can go, it's single payer. >> do you want to listen or just speak. >> let her speak, please. >> while t representatives agreed the health care act can improve, there was not necessarily agreement on exactly how, and that made some constituents nervous. >> i want to make sure our congress women could fight for obamacare. >> she has cancer. >> i have to have the treatments, and i just thank god for t the affordable care act. >> and the president is moving on to tax reform.
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and abc7 news caught up with east bay democrat, barbara lee, after a town hall in oakland. >> for health care for everyone and make sure it's working for everyone. >> democrats pledged to keep health care affordable when she hosted a town hall meeting in san jose. she afford there are no republicans representing the bay area in congress. and republicans were celebrating the possible repeal a little too quickly. >> thank the congressman for
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replacing -- >> oops, ads like that one aired friday night during the ncaa tournament games. and the ads ran in parts of virginia, texas, and iowa and here in california. the ads are still posted this morning on the american action network's youtube page. and some of the nonprofits are celebrating the health care act stalled vote. and as abc7 news reporter, families whose children receive services are happy. >> benefits some could lose. >> we were very worried about the vote because wow we didn't know what would happen, and just hearing it was not going to pass this time, and that for the
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foreseeable future we will continue to get our services, which is a huge relief for all of us. >> they are dropping off their children at the pleasant hill teen center so they can have a parents' night out, and while they spend quality time together it's an opportunity for their children to play and create and make memories during an alison in wonderland themed party, and another family revealed for the stalled american health care act vote. >> it's a good thing. >> services come out to our house and helps him with his homework. >> they though their girls are safe, they say they will get dinner. and another mother and grandmother are off to do shopping. a saturday night made easier for a few families in addition to all the other benefits and services they say easter seals provides. >> we appreciate keeping all of our funding. >> parents' night out is a pilot
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program, and the goal is to expand to seven more cities, and another reason why they say fund something so critical. and several people were arrested at a rally supporting anti-tru trump, and a man jumped over a fence but was detained by police officers. san jose police are investigating a suspicious death near toya elementary school. there were reports of a visibly injured man there not breathing. he died on scene, and his identity is not being released. police looking into motive and circumstances surrounding his death.
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thousands of mourners saluted for arroyo in new york city. they joined other first responders from across the u.s. to remember the mother of five. this morning police are back on the las vegas strip. it was shut down during a standoff between police and a gunman. it happened around 11:00 a.m. yesterday after the gunman opened fire on a double-decker bus stopped on las vegas boulevard. one person died, another was hurt and is in fair condition. the suspect surrendered to police after several hours. a live look from the golden
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gate bridge. two lanes are closed for this morning's rock and roll hall of fame runners. go to for a link to the race route and closures. and a photo of the aftermath of a gas explosion of kirkwood mountain resort. you can see the smoke billowing up from the snow bank around 11:00 a.m. yesterday. officers did say nobody was hurt. they are still waiting for details on exactly what happened there. uber has grounded its self driving cars this morning pending an investigation into this crash, involving one of the suvs operating on its own. it happened on friday in tempe, arizona. the self driving vehicle was obeying the law and it was the driver of the other car that did not yield and turned into the car's path causing it to turn
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over. officers cited the other driver for the moving violation. b.a.r.t. passengers took their first ride on the newest extension, and yesterday's extension is from fremont to the warm springs station. and the station represents first part for b.a.r.t. to reach silicon valley. >> there's a extension expected to open later this year. >> and the station has an artistic touch. it features the installation of sky cycles, which have different images from different times of the year. >> good morning, lisa. rain coming this way again? >> yeah, i know. we thought we were done.
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it has been such a season. we are looking at some of the affects from the system to the north of us, allowing for a cooler start and a cooler aft afterno afternoon. 52 degrees in the city, and 55 in oakland. the bulk of the day will be dry for some of you, and others, rain coming by midday. i will time it out for you in just a few minutes. and the lights go out in the city. the nearly yearly earth hour to raise awareness of the affects of which climate change. 1 what nfl commissioner
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the city of oakland is pleading for mark davis to come back to the negotiating table to keep the raiders in oakland. here's abc7 news anchor, eric thomas. >> our media partners of the east bay times said goodell sent a letter, and in it said said the city of oakland disagrees. >> we have gotten as clear as we can get without the raiders at the table. we need the raiders at the table. >> raiders fan join the mayor and other officials to push for the latest ban to keep the team from bolting to las vegas. former nfl star ronnie lott presented it to the commission.
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>> i don't have room in my mind or heart for any other result right now. fans showed up to support the newest proposal, but many say their voices are not being heard. >> we stuck with the team in losing seasons and came here anyway, and so we really want to make sure we are rewarded for that. >> mark davis favors the plan to move to las vegas where they would eventually play in a domed stadium. >> turned his back on us. >> nfl owners are expected to vote on a possible raiders move as early as monday, and it appears davis has the votes necessary to move the team. >> if the vote goes well we will have a rally and a celebration, and if the vote doesn't go well we will put our minds together
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in the next step >> and there's little oakland can do to defend the move. and it's possible the league can postpone the vote, but only if davis asked them to. laura's live reports begin tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, and she will break any raiders news first on twitter @lauraanthony7. and then reminding fans about buying tickets to third-party sites. one family bought tickets that were no good, and tonight's tip-off is at 5:00 p.m. at oracle arena.
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abc7 news was at francisco's keys kwraurt stadium. the san francisco delta's posted the indianapolis 11, and last night's match attracted fans that want to see professional soccer take off in san francisco. >> it's a fun time. looks like it's a very family-based community based, and there's a lot of stuff going on, well organized, and i think this will work. >> and you might recognize the red seats these fans are sitting in, and they come from candlestick park, and the delta's paid for $1 million in renovations, and that includes the installation from the seats from the stick, and some residents were concerned about the increased traffic and noise and we did not hear any complaints about the game, and the game ended in a 1-1 tie.
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many landmarks around the world went dark for an hour last night, and all of a sudden the towers at the bridge seemed to disappear last night, and they hope it increases the of climate change. good morning, everyone. we are starting out with dry conditions, but things will get a little active later today. here's live doppler 7. the system is to the north and west of us, and this is where the bulk of the activity will be, and we will look for scattered showers to develop in the north bay first, spreading south and east. as we widen the perspective, you can see all the cloud cover here, and high pressure fading away today, allowing for the weak system to move through. we are not talking about a lot of rain, but nonetheless it will be cooler today. the bulk of the day will be dry
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here in the south bay before showers invade later this evening. it's 50 in san jose and mountain view, and looking at 52 in the city with 46 in novato, and 48 along the coast. we will have a look outside from the exploratorium camera. cloudy skies this morning. showers by the afternoon in the north bay, and the evening for the rest of you. looking at a cool but bright day tomorrow. those winds will get gusty along the coast, and we will see sunny and milder conditions for tuesday and wednesday. so starting out with the warmer days on monday, or i should say sunnier, because we will start out with clouds and then by the afternoon, temperatures will be comfortable, a little below average, and at least we get the sun back. and into tuesday, 70s return for the inland east bay, and 71 in richmond. a lot cooler at the coast. by wednesday, we're looking at more warmth headed our way, and
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more 60s around the bay and mid-70s inland. today we bring in the storm impact scale. it's a one, a light system where most cities looking at less than 0.1 of an inch. and throughout the day you will have the cloud cover. as early as 2:00, 3:00, and stau gno will see a bulk of the showers, and then the front will push through the bay area, by the evening hours. this is 10:00 tonight. you can see a few scattered showers in the overnight hours featuring more dry conditions. 8:00 tomorrow morning, we have sunshine. looking at rainfall amounts, they are not much. in fact, just about and we will look for a winter weather advisory in the sierra nevada 8:00 tonight until 8:00 tomorrow morning. three to six inches above 5,000
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feet. you download the abc7 news app and you will be able to track your weather in your neighborhood. a few showers on monday, and breezy at the coast, and then looking at the 70s for a couple days in the middle of the week, and thursday, look how much cooler. another system wants to head our way, but looks like a nice rebound into the end of the week. >> what a difference a week makes, right? >> yeah. >> today is nothing like what we saw on friday? >> no. just ahead,
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oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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you damage a rental car, but one woman claims she was charged for damage she didn't cause. >> barnett's friend was in town for the weekend so she rented a car to show him around. >> we saw the bay bridge. >> she returned the car and budget rent-a-car charged the expected $94. it didn't end there. >> i was like, what? >> and then budget charged her credit card in extra fees. >> they detected smoking in the car. >> she had to pay for cleaning, but she doesn't smoke. and neither does her friend. >> i was like, no, there was no smoking at all, and how are you going to assume. >> we didn't smoke in there, and i was like, that's not right. >> budget had inspected the car when she returned it and nobody said anything about the smell of
5:25 am
smoke. >> they gave her a receipt and we were on our way. >> she demanded a refund but a budget manager refused, saying two other employees identified the smell that was present when you returned the vehicle. >> i contacted channel 7 on your side. >> we contacted budget, and she got a call from the corporate office. >> i said that was quick, and she said that charge of 250 was meant for somebody else. >> budget tells us we always traoeuf to provide our customers with an enjoyable rental experience. we have reviewed the matter and worked directly with mrs. barnett to reach an agreement. >> take a copy of the rental's inspection report when you bring it back. they should note any damage at that time. >> dozens of bay area high school girls got hands on
5:26 am
experience in orthopedic surgery and engineering. abc7 was in santa clara in yesterday's event put on by kaiser permaneur kaiser. 40 girls spent the day operating, kind of, with the help of orthopedic surgeons and team doctors for the sharks and warriors. >> they are doing a variety of things including learning how to fix fractures, so something that would be done in an operating room so they get hands on experience with drills and bones and fractures. >> the initiative was started in 2009 by two women in san francisco, and since then more than 4,500 female high school and medical students participated in the groups outreach programs. the kind of police chase you could expect in texas, and the officer uses his patrol car to
5:27 am
round up this way word cow, and successfully gets him in an gated area, but then the cow charged at him, and the cow, we are told, is still on the run this morning. still to come, a new video surfacing about a mass burglary. suspects running through the lobby of t lobby a hotel. and then a
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good morning. we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather. >> good morning to you.
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if you are an early riser, no problems. you won't run into any rain. a couple marathons going on from san francisco and livermore, but we have green here with live doppler 7, and so closer inspection, you can see the rain and snow from the northwest here and the tail end of it invades the bay area later on today. you can see all the cloud cover. it's a one on the impact storm scale, and that means a light system with light showers, and it will be breezy and cool, so throughout the first half of your day, notice all of the cloud cover and by noontime we still have the bulk of the bay area dry, and maybe showers around clear lake. right now it's in the 30s, in the higher elevations, and dublin, looking at 50 in san carlos and pacifica. grab your extra layer if you are out to walk the dog, otherwise we are looking at the rain holding off and we will time
5:31 am
that for you in just a few minutes. >> we will see you soon. thank you. this morning the white house playing defense following friday's major defeat. and the president and his team are regrouping after failing to repeal and replace obamacare as promised throughout his campaign. and elizabeth hur has the story. >> the president tweeted his predictions. obamacare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great health care plan for the people. do not worry. but plenty of voters are worried. >> the plan they had kicked 24 million people off of health care insurance. >> but trump supporters held rallies across the nation saturday, and some turning violent like this one in huntington, california. three people were arrested. meanwhile, vice president mike pence rallying the troops in
5:32 am
west virginia, and saying obamacare won't last. >> we will end the obamacare nightmare and give the american people the world-class health care that they deserve. >> the gop's effort to replace obamacare now uncertain because house republicans could not marshal enough votes to pass their plan. >> obamacare is the law of the land and will remain the law of the land until its replaced. >> and some lawmakers say walking away from the problem would not be responsible either. >> doing nothing would not be the answer after the setback. >> and so far there's no quick fix agreeable to all sides, and republicans in congress have not said what their move is likely to be, and the administration says it is moving on to tax reform. >> after the white house and house gop's failure to pass its health care bill, senate minority leader will speak
5:33 am
exclusively to "this week" with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning here on abc7. surveillance video captured a murder of an opponent of vladimir putin in ukraine. and ukrainian officials believe the kremlin was behind it. and varone cough defected and said he felt like his life was in danger. three masked gunmen running away after robbing the bellagio resort and casino, and then abc news reporter, marcy gonzales, has detailed. >> reporter: a standoff on the
5:34 am
strip, the s.w.a.t. team surrounding a gunman who shot two people on the bus and tourists watching it unfold, and this hours after another tense scene that triggered a lockdown at one of the famous casinos, armed and disguised in animal masks. >> the three suspects seen in the robby. >> i noticed the person in a pig mask and he looked like he was holing something long and black in one hand and i noticed he was holding what looked like a gun in the other hand. >> the thieves using sledge hammers to smash their way into the role x store. >> they attempted to flee the scene in a vehicle, and that vehicle failed to start for them, and they tried to car jack other people and that did not go
5:35 am
well, and they went away on foot. >> and police are well on their way to tracking down the other suspects and made one arrests. hundreds of family and friends gathered in los angeles for a public memorial to celebrate debby reynolds and carrie fisher. the mother and daughter duo died one day apart in december. the event celebrated and honored their lives and kau raerbz. >> this show, as we are calling it, was designed for you to be in our living room as if we were all a big family, having a memory, a memorial of two amazing people. >> the program featured projected images from
5:36 am
and fisher's life. and then a woman carjackedjd by a woman who was just released for jail. a woman jumped in the driver seat, and she was 24-year-old and had just been released for being cited for being under the influence of a controlled substance. >> i said, if you are going to be that person, i am going to give it to you, i am going to hit you. >> well, she let her out of the car at a gas station after a harrowing 90-minute joy ride, and police found kau dina a few hours later and reasu reacespedesed her. and then this year the popular event kicks off an hour
5:37 am
earlier at 7:00 this morning for the half marathon, and then the 5k starts at 7:15. and then looking live at the golden gate bridge where more than 9,000 runners getting ready for the rock 'n' roll half marathon. the race is celebrating its 20th year, and is one of the races that crosses the bridge. it starts at 6:15 this morning in golden gate park and crosses over the golden gate bridge and finishes at the civic center around noon. helping the homeless in an unusual way. the barber doing it one cut at a time. meet one of our abc7 stars. and here's a live look from the sutro tower cam. i have to put my glasses on to see the screen. a gorgeous shot of the bay bridge, and a little rain headed our way, but you won't believe how beautiful the upcoming week will be, and lisa argen has
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details coming up.
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happening today, easter is three weeks away but you can enjoy all the activities today including a golden easter egg hunt, and if you find the golden egg you can win a $20 gift
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certificate to use at the event, and it starts at 10:00 this morning, and getting a jump on easter, but why not? we have easter weather coming up, too. >> it means cool and breezy and sunny, and it means days, and in the extended out look, i have that for you as well. and we have a mix of clouds and the clouds will win out today with cooler temperatures. rain by midafternoon. i will time it out for you, but, yes, we have 70-degree temperatures in my accuweather 7-day forecast. also next, cinderella story ends in san jose while top seed kansas is ducked out by oregon to advance to the final four for the first time in 78 years. the first time in 78 years. and mike shumann has the oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man.
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in sports this evening the warriors will try to extend their six-game-winning streak before heading back on the road to texas. golden state faces the memphis grizzlies at oracle arena, and tip-off is at 5:00 p.m. two more schools will punch their tickets to the final four in phoenix. the west regional final, here's mike shumann for the highlights in sports. >> the s&p center was rocking yesterday, and neither team has ever been to the final four. one cinderella team would advance. former bulldog, john stockton in the house. and this eight-point lead. bulldogs still leading by ten at the half. and then second half, throwing
5:45 am
down the alley-oop. gonzaga becomes the first west coast conference team since 1957, and the coach, go ahead, and do a hand stand. >> i don't know, i think it's cyclical. we have been good enough during that time to get there and we just did not get it done and these guys did. >> this really is a family, and i wanted to do it more for them than myself. i thought a lot about it, and i am so happy for everybody that believes in gonzaga basketball. >> pritchard, a great spin move. and then the monitor duck by bell. and then in the second, dillon brooks, the three. where did he get the blue tongue? and then he's not done, and oregon knocks down the third number one seed, and ducks first
5:46 am
final four since the tournament began in 1939 when they won it all, a 78-year drought. >> 1939 was a long time ago, and i think everybody will be pretty excited about the opportunity to go to phoenix and play for a national title. >> sharks have seven games remaining until the playoffs, and right now they are in trouble. san jose is now in danger of falling to the wild car after losing six straight last night in nashville. and sharks ending their four-game road trip. and josi under dresses burns, and mcleod there to clean it up. and sharks offense again a no-show. and then logan couture takes a puck to the mouth and you will
5:47 am
see a tooth fly out of his mouth and will need dental work. that's the way the ball bounces. i will see you tonight at 5:00. i am mike shumann. have a great day. good morning to you. here's live doppler 7. this looks much more impressive than it really is. you can see all the green. we do have rain from crescent city. a lot of cloud cover and a cooler day. we will warm up eventually, but we have it all for you in the 7-day outlook. looking at temperatures in the upper 40s. 52, and it's 44 in los gatos. and so a little cooler this morning with the cloud cover in place. looking live from the roof camera where we have partly to
5:48 am
mostly cloudy skies here. it will be cloudy throughout the bulk of the day today, and showers will arrive by the afternoon in the north bay spreading to the south and east throughout the evening hours and looking at a cool but bright day on monday. gusty winds at the coast. it will get sunny and milder for tuesday and wednesday. thursday it looks like temperatures will drop again. so your forecast on monday kaulcalls for sunshine, and a cool afternoon, and at least we get the sun. it will feel like spring. by tuesday, numbers come up considerably with mid-70s for conco concord, and looking at theup 70s, and then by wednesday even milder, and mid-70s, and notice the yellow line getting closer to the bay and low 60s at the coast. today we bring in our storm impact scale. it's a one, a weak system bringing in light rain showers. and then spreading to the south and east, less than a tenth of an inch for most of you, but
5:49 am
it's breezy and cool today. as we go through the full forecast, cloud cover is in place, and by 2:00 in the afternoon, it looks like we can see showers, and by about 3:00 or 4:00, pressing through the north bay, and here comes the front, trying to hold together and push across the bay area. it's not really going to hold together, and we will get scattered showers in the south bay, and by tomorrow morning, the showers dissipate, and we will get gusty northwesterly wind. the tradeoff is the dry day. today, rainfall amounts, check it out, very scant. and this is through 8:00 tomorrow morning. a little more perhaps in the north bay. looking at that winter weather advisory tonight with the heaviest snow through tomorrow morning, this is along the west slope, three to six inches above 5,000 feet with over ten inches along the highest areas.
5:50 am
highs today from the upper 50s to low 60s, and rain invading the north bay. and a one on the storm impact scale today, and perhaps a few sprinkles throughout the midafternoon and tomorrow morning, and then looking at sunny conditions, turning warmer midweek, and then the cooler day on wednesday, and then could be 80 by next weekend. download our app and you can track all of this. >> today's rain should not put a damper on any of the marathons? >> no, not at all. good running weather. >> unless you are a strag lure like me. it can be tough to get an appointment, although some of her most valued customers don't need to be getting on her schedule and they don't need to pay. >> jmost of her clients find he
5:51 am
at san francisco's fellow barber, but if it's a tuesday and relatively calm weather-wise, she works in the main shadow of the library with clippers in hand. >> it's their only chance to get a hair cut. >> she calls her free services for the homeless, tender cuts, after the tenderloin neighborhood where many of her tuesday clients live. >> i have an interview, so i might finally get out of the shelter. >> that's the best news i have heard all day. >> the line waiting for cuts were not so long always. they were a little wary. >> they did not know why somebody would want to come out and be nice to them and help them. >> she has served 1,000 people, and earned peoples' trust, not just because of how she makes
5:52 am
them look. >> so much better. >> but because of how she makes them feel. >> i feel like a brand-new person when i leave your chair, and now i see it in these people. >> overwhelming, isn't it? >> yeah. >> for me i usually have my eyewear on because i am tearing up under the glasses, and they are living ten lives i never could have had the strength to live. >> she can't solve the homeless problem, but she can solve a problem for these homeless people, one beautiful air cutha at a time. >> raquel, for spreading your love and services, we honor you as one of our abc7 stars. >> nice job. if you would like to nominated somebody to be an abc7 star, find all the information at
5:53 am coming up, time to sparkle. the big 25th anniversary celebration starting today at disneyland paris.
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and the super lotto plus drawing, 10, 13, 17, 18, 20, and the mega number 11. nobody picked all six in that draw either, so wednesday's jackpot increases to $24 million. happening today time to sparkle, disneyland paris celebrating its 20th annivers y anniversary. starting today, the park will have a new illumination show and other entertainment and experiences including two special "star wars" rides. restaurants are also serving up special dishes and desserts, and disney is the parent company of abc7. and breaking news in ohio. shots fired inside a cincinnati nightclub killing one person and wounding more than a dozen others. and then a relief from
5:57 am
families who rely on a key provision of obamacare.
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good morning to you. it's sunday, march 26th. i am in for carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick look at the weather with lisa argen. hey, lease yisa. >> here's live doppler 7. we have a weak system on the way today and providing the first areas of rain to the north and along the coast from sea ranch and cloverdale, and maybe a few areas of mist and drizzle. the bulk of the energy more to the north and it will take the entire afternoon to get here for some of you. it's a one on the storm impact scale, and a light system providing light showers, and less than 0.1 to


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